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Let Wayble enhance your air travelers’ experience by providing a digital concierge, airport and flight information, maps, hardware-free Wayble Wayfinding powered by Mapsted, interactive directories, restaurant menus, and more making it easy for them to find what they’re looking for—and discover new things. Plus, Wayble features a user-friendly CMS that makes updating and managing your content quick and easy.

Why you need it:

Enhance Passenger Experience, reduce wait times, and boost satisfaction rates with the AI digital concierge and hardware-free indoor wayfinding solution.

Improve Customer Engagement and Loyalty by providing personalized recommendations and simplified navigation through the airport.

Reduce Overhead Costs and eliminate the need for excess labor with automated assistance from the AI digital concierge and wayfinding solution

Increase Revenue by driving traffic to retail shops, restaurants, and other airport amenities through targeted promotions and personalized recommendations from the AI digital concierge.

Gather Valuable Insights, Wayble's data analytics give airports valuable insights into guest behavior, preferences, and purchase history, helping them make informed decisions to improve their overall operations, security, and facility management.

Travel applications:

  • Terminal navigation from parking to ticketing, security & gate
  • Traveler traffic flow management
  • Drive traffic to shops & restaurants
  • Promote future travel incentives
  • Touchless mobile dining menus
  • Provide guest service 24/7 with verified enterprise data

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