Wayble for Festivals

Take your event to the next level with Touchless Kiosk technology

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Today’s festival attendees are tech-savvy and they expect events to provide a dynamic, engaging, experience. With Wayble, you can provide guests with event maps, concession directories, interactive wayfinding, and more. Plus, with Wayble’s user-friendly CMS you can make sure your event information is always accurate and up-to-date.

Why you need it:

  • Address guest fears regarding germs and COVID-19
  • Keep content current with easy-to-use management tool
  • Dynamically integrate vendor data
  • Strengthen your event’s brand with customizable logo, colors & more
  • Drive revenue with ad network integration

Festival Applications:

  • Interactive navigation
  • Concession/vendor directories
  • Promote festival highlights
  • Visitor traffic flow management

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