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Navigating campuses can be intimidating for both students and visitors. By joining the Wayble Network, educators give them tools to help. From interactive campus maps to faculty directories, Wayble helps everyone on campus get where they need to go quickly with one simple app. Plus, with an easy-to-use CMS, updating content is quick and painless.

Bolster your service offerings with Universal Reception powered by Wayble, by providing guests with on-site, touchless kiosk™ and mobile options for scheduling services, checking in, exchanging documents, and getting update notifications. These tools enable better social distancing and improve control over traffic flow while helping you maximize the daily schedule of your staff and service providers.

Click here to learn more about Universal Reception powered by Wayble

Why you need it:

  • Address guest fears regarding germs and COVID-19
  • Keep content current with an easy-to-use CMS
  • Ability to connect with other property digital signage
  • Dynamically integrate staff and destination data
  • Strengthen your brand with customizable logo, colors & more
  • Drive revenue with ad network integration

Education Applications:

  • Campus & community navigation
  • Faculty & personnel directories
  • Promote Sporting events
  • Assist with admissions, orientations, & tours
  • Announce commencement & alumni events
  • Highlight special events, performances, and meetings

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